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The "low threshold" of carbon-fibre pipe processing will be over
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 The adoption of carbon fibre products has attracted a growing number of manufacturing companies. Even in terms of scale and technical capacity, there is little confidence in these companies' ability to move into carbon-fibre products. Carbon fiber pipe belongs to one of carbon fiber based products, large aircraft carrier to the hundreds of millions of investment projects, small to only a few employees of small processing workshop, the threshold of the carbon fiber tubing manufacturing seems to be more and more low. But, as the customer the growing understanding of the carbon fiber product brand, the interior of the carbon fiber pipe industry competition intensifying, there is a difference in the carbon fiber tube also appeared increasingly.

Strength is a hard indicator, but not the only indicator

The application of carbon fiber tubes start from the traditional metal pipes tentative substitute, as a result, the carbon fiber tube must be with the traditional metal pipes, especially in steel, aluminum alloy was comparable to the strength of the material. Industry is the common understanding of the carbon fiber material, high strength carbon fiber strength can reach more than 3000 mpa, 6 to 12 times that of steel, common carbon fiber strength also leads to traditional metal materials. As a result, the performance of carbon fibre tubing in strength performance is not expected.
However, this does not mean that carbon-fibre tubes will be able to replace metal pipes as long as they meet the standards. As a non-terminal structured product, the specific requirements of the carbon fibre pipe application are the final indicator of the carbon fiber pipes. For mechanical roller carbon fiber pipe material, for example, on the dynamic balance index requirement is high, as a whole on the mechanical part of rotors, made of carbon fiber tube roller in spinning, if uneven material itself or blank is flawed, and even has a little error in processing and assembly, every tiny particles on the revolving body produced by centrifugal force will be difficult to cancel each other out, and then create centrifugal force, and by bearing role to the machine and its basis, cause vibration, noise, and accelerate the bearing wear, shorten mechanical life.

Strength, therefore, is one of the carbon fiber tube performance dominance index, dynamic balance degree, vertical degree, and so on more specific indicators is the critical factor in decision carbon fiber tubing application value. The vast majority of carbon fiber products conform to the requirements of the supplier can provide strength carbon fiber tubes, but these pipes in the practical application value still needs to be more detailed, more comprehensive professional considerations for further confirmation.
Lightweight is the main purpose, but not the only one
According to wuxi via new materials technology co., LTD., led by the carbon fiber products manufacturer reports provided by the analysis of the carbon fiber tube the needs of the customers are mainly concentrated in industrial machinery, auto high-speed, unmanned aerial vehicles, medical equipment, heat sensitive and high precision equipment, and other fields. The purpose of the application are associated with lightweight, than steel pipe weight 60%, than aluminum alloy pipe weight loss more than 30%, is undoubtedly the most compelling carbon fiber tube.
Headed by "big xinjiang" brands such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in use after the carbon fiber tubing greatly reduced its weight, prolong the using time, reduced the frequency of energy storage, at the same time can increase the ability of load, enrich and improve the functionality of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Look from unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market, "function" is the core elements of their survival and competition, drones in lightweight way to help enhance the power of this aspect.

In addition to the obvious lightness, the linear expansion coefficient of carbon fiber materials is close to zero. In some heat sensitive areas, the change in temperature will produce certain effect on the measurement accuracy, high-end space instrument need special attention to this point, such as space remote sensor environment condition is more complex, large temperature difference will make the aperture and lens barrel between precision tube body changes, and affect the imaging quality of optical remote sensor. In the field of heat sensitive, more and more, choose to use the carbon fiber tube, the weight of the instrument itself through its reduced, reduce the cost, and in a more can meet the demand of high precision equipment performance advantages to promote advanced instruments and equipment.

Anyway, lightweight is the main purpose of the carbon fiber tubing application, but the carbon fiber tubing can bring far more than that, can help to realize upgrading the overall level of application object is its ultimate goal.
The appearance is the most intuitive, but not the only difference
In addition to the length, diameter, wall thickness and other specifications are differentiated, the carbon fiber tubing looks the same, on the market, however, it is these small "vision", exactly is important basis for the identification of the carbon fiber tube quality. Pipe outside surface is smooth and uniform, dimensional tolerance size, punch in presence of delamination or cracking, the appearance is good but from tube wall can see whether really carbon fiber material, rather than just coated carbon fiber outer surface of a 3 k and so on, according to these to judge the quality of carbon fiber tube intuitive method, will find that the carbon fiber tube on the market difference is obvious.

As Yang zhengsheng, general manager of wuxi weisheng new materials, says, the processing of carbon fibre tubes seems to be low-tech, but the user experience is very different. Is the so-called "good horse matchs good saddle", although carbon fiber tube is only part of the structure components, but because the service object is more sophisticated products, while ensuring pipe meet the application requirements and at the same time, the quality grade of the product itself is also very important.
In addition to the high standard of raw materials, the production technology of the product is critical. In addition to requiring good machine equipment, relevant technical experience and staffing are also indispensable. Via new material as senior manufacturers of carbon fiber products, has the rich more industry experience of cooperation, but for the carbon fiber tubing products still attaches great importance to the foundation, in the process of pipe manufacturing, for each link strict grasp and master, did not dare to have any light heart. As an old, old brand of business for many years in the industry still such, visible carbon fiber tubing processing is not a true "low threshold", is currently the only application industry selection also lack enough understanding of the carbon fiber tube, led to a "mixed" situation, once the quality of the product specification is established and the promotion, in the aspect of hardware and software do not have sufficient conditions for carbon fiber tube producers will be the "threshold".