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How should carbon-fibre applications cope with the arrival of industry 4.0?
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 When "industrial 4.0" is not only a network hot words, the pioneer of the industry have deeply realized that "intelligent", "big data", "personalization" and "convergence" of the concept of the profound meaning and value. The coming of this age brings opportunities and challenges for every molecule involved in the industrial revolution. As the representative of the new industrial materials, carbon fiber has an important mission to replace the traditional metal, which aims to provide a lightweight upgrade for the new industrial take-off. Industrial 4.0 pursuit the goal of "green, environmental protection" make carbon fiber material obtained the unprecedented attention, through the use of carbon fiber materials for lighter weight, less energy consumption and carbon emissions, has been made in many sectors of the industry. Carbon fiber application in the era of this change, however, also is not so smooth, it must actively stand out from the traditional manufacturing industry, with more active attitude to deal with the industrial transformation puts forward the challenges to it.

Interdisciplinary integration based on technological advances

Attaches great importance to the technology but do not take the process control, especially in the aspect of technology research and development tend to oneness, is the common fault of the manufacturing enterprises in our country, the disadvantages are also seriously hindered the development of enterprise technology. As manufacturing system will be more and more complex, involving technology division of interactivity is more and more strong, comprehensive build production, study and research, with multiple levels to jointly promote the development of manufacturing industry innovation becomes the inevitable requirement of industrial 4.0 era.
High cost of application to a large extent hindered the conquest of the carbon fiber to a larger market, want to rely on a more convincing case and get deeper application value, it must be in the form of industrial alliance, joint research universities or research institutions with tremendous strength, establish research and development of various forms of cooperation platform, fully mobilize all the resources and power, promote carbon fiber technology development and application promotion. Recently, to be held in Shanghai international automobile industry exhibition "carbon fiber car body industrial intelligent manufacturing platform 4.0 world debut" conference, is carbon fiber composite material industry at home and abroad application of syndicated experts, industry partners and multiple brand car makers and new energy automobile enterprises of a simple test the waters. Compared with Germany's "4.0" industrial joint mode, although this mixture of platform alliance or shallow level, the local scope, but indicates the multiple application of carbon fiber technology will merge in the field of development prospects.

A transformation based on diverse data analysis
Industry is 4.0 times of the traditional production mode, the end of train, the fourth industrial revolution is a kind of flexible production and personalized market demand, each industry, each enterprise, each order on the same category of the specifications of the product requirements and performance is different, so how to adapt to diverse preferences and the contradiction between the single value of large-scale production is put forward by the application of carbon fiber industry 4.0 times the other requirements.
How to establish enterprise information platform to meet the personalized demand is carbon fiber application problems to be solved, which customer demand for carbon fiber product, most of which kind of carbon fiber products maximum demand, which kind of technology of carbon fiber production the most in line with market demand, etc., in the industrial age, 4.0 the development of carbon fiber enterprises can no longer rely on experience and decide the manager's eye, decide the direction of the enterprise should be more objective data and more levels of data analysis.
Application, in the end, the carbon fiber companies still belongs to the category of the traditional manufacturing industry, and it needs as well as any manufacturing enterprise, must make full use of the information age of high-speed development of computing power, for the production tasks, technical data, process flow, unified management, show the fast response to market demand flexibility and maintain the state of zero inventory, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of enterprise transformation.

Value-added services based on cost reduction

Single hardware production and service time has passed, to the rhythm of industrial 4.0, an enterprise to obtain the competitiveness of the domestic and international, it is important to obtain a value chain and the comprehensive service system, to create a value-added product demand and the value of user demand. If carbon fibre applications remain in the "demand-supply" model, its role in the industrial revolution will be gradually marginalised. The hero needs to take the initiative, stimulate demand, meet demand, and use that demand to create more demand, creating a virtuous cycle of development.

"We are not only to provide lightweight structure, our carbon fiber products to the whole new potential, railway vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), they can use the weight of the carbon fiber save space and load more software development. Also is the hardware change to promote the quality of the software", carbon fiber application on behalf of domestic enterprises in wuxi via new materials technology co., LTD., "using carbon fiber material initial production cost is high, but, after the application of products significantly lower operating costs, more important is for the product brings a better user experience and technical value-added". As a result, the carbon fibre application companies are evaluating themselves from the whole value chain rather than the value of a single product.