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The use of carbon fibre in China makes the special meaning of 2025
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 Carbon fiber as a new type of high-tech materials, although the application of cost higher than the traditional metal materials, but in improve product performance, accelerate industrial upgrading quality aspect has special significance. Under the state council issued the notice on China's manufacturing 2025 put forward clearly in the high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, Marine engineering equipment and high technology, advanced shipping rail transportation equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, electric power equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, biological medicine and high-performance ten key development fields such as medical apparatus and instruments, carbon fiber materials in these areas have different forms of application.

High-end CNC machine tools, robots and carbon fiber

The development strategy of China made 2025 precision, high speed, high efficiency, flexible CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment and integrated manufacturing system as a key task in the high-end CNC machine tools, require it to accelerate industry meet the market for automobile, machinery, electronics, dangerous goods manufacturing, industrial robots, such as national defense war industry, chemical industry, light industry, special robot, health, home services, education and entertainment service robot growing demand.

Roll shaft, gear made of carbon fiber material which machine spare parts, such as the dynamic balance, start the car speed, reduce the energy consumption has a great value and the service life of the space, become a high-end mechanical actively explore and realize the important way and direction of upgrading. Carbon fiber mechanical arm, carbon fiber mechanical joints, the robot industry such as the application of new materials, the robot can get rid of the disadvantages of too much weight to a great extent, and use of carbon fiber materials smaller creep to ensure the stable working condition in the temperature difference between the larger environment, in the lighter and stronger advantage won a higher level of potential applications.

Aerospace equipment and carbon fiber

To speed up the large aircraft development, the development advanced airborne equipment and system, form independent complete aviation industry chain, developing a new generation of launch vehicle and heavy vehicle, to ascend into spatial ability, promote transformation of space technology and space technology applications is the overall strategy of aerospace equipment 2025 manufacturing in China put forward the overall goal of my career.
From the point of the past decade, high-performance carbon fiber and composite materials of new capacity more give priority to in order to meet the needs of the aerospace, for example, last year the ground test successful solid rocket is fast boat 11 using carbon fiber solid rocket engine. In the recent five to ten years, the application of carbon fiber composites in civil aircraft also exponentially growing at high speed, braking, the vertical and horizontal stabilizer (used as a fuel tank), the rudder, elevator and aileron, spoiler, landing gear doors flap, fairing, vertical tail box, upper rudder, elevator, the cabin floor beam, sealing, pressure tank, after the frame after the fuselage, horizontal tail and materials in areas such as the flap gradually to the carbon fiber composite materials, the proportion of carbon fiber composites in civil aircraft even reached 22%, accounted for the vast majority of composite materials for use in the body. With China's military aircraft, regional aircraft ARJ21 and large commercial aircraft C919 project development and the development of China's space industry, the amount of carbon fiber composite material will be increasing.

Marine engineering equipment, high-tech ships and carbon fiber

"Notice" calls for the development of deep-sea exploration, exploitation and utilization of resources, and equipment for Marine operations, as well as critical systems and equipment.
Carbon fiber material has become essential in the development of deep-sea exploration and deep sea oil field gas, materials, carbon fiber cord tube strengthening rod, anchor mooring, production riser, flexible riser structure more and more application in deep sea oil platforms. The production depth of the oil and gas field is above 3000m, the exploration depth is over 4000m, and the design of the oil and gas field structure must meet the maintenance standard for 25 years. Traditional offshore oil and gas fields are made of steel, such as the cables that anchor the platform to the bottom of the sea and the pipes that connect the well to the platform. The weight of the steel ropes and pipes increases the platform's floating size and increases energy consumption. The steel is also easily corroded by sea water, the working life is only two to three years, and the maintenance cost of periodical repair and pipe line is extremely high. Properties of carbon fiber material, by contrast, has obvious advantages, such as the operation platform a 1500 m water depth, steel rope weighs about 6000 t, and using carbon fiber composite material quality is only 1000 t. In addition, its high strength, high modulus, excellent anti-fatigue and corrosion resistance, make its working life more than 25 years, greatly reduce the maintenance cost. In high technology of ship, the application of carbon fiber materials are also gradually developed, such as carbon fiber bow thruster watertight cover plate of ship structures such as carbon fiber development and utilization, to the ship in speed and power consumption has a significant effect.

Advanced rail transit equipment and carbon fiber

China's 2025 manufacturing strategy will speed up the application of new materials, new technology and new technology, the key breakthrough systematic safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent digital network technology, to develop advanced and reliable applicable products and lightweight, modular, the spectrum of the product as a research and development of a new generation of green, intelligent, high speed heavy rail transit equipment system, set up the world's leading the main way of modern rail transit industry system.

Carbon fiber materials can perfect deduce "energy conservation and environmental protection" and "lightweight" two concepts, rail vehicles in the car hood seat frames, bogie and car body structure and wall panel, roof, partition, seat frames, the driver table and interior components can make use of carbon fiber composite material, lightweight in the implementation of car body weight significantly at the same time, reduce fuel use and emissions, and improve the speed of the car. The high strength of the material itself, high tensile load force and minimal deformation also guarantee the safety of the vehicle. But the inside of the car is enclosed space, high-speed operation, the interior environment of the car has the higher demand for the structure material and interior material of the vehicle body. In order to further meet the needs of rail transit equipment for vehicle safety, wuxi via new material technology co., LTD. Specializes in high-speed railway vehicles such as the particularity of operation, the development of carbon fiber composite material, resistance to high temperature fire while maintaining the original mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, damp and hot advantages at the same time, improve the wearability of composites, toughness and wave permeability, in case of high temperature or the accidents such as fire, can the performance of the low smoke, low toxicity and low thermal release, greatly improving the rail traffic safety and stability of the vehicle. By promoting the application of carbon fiber in the orbit vehicle, the Chinese high-speed rail will be promoted to the world.

Energy efficiency, new energy cars and carbon fiber

The development of electric vehicles, fuel cell cars made in China, 2025 will continue to support, the strategic route strategy to take the more complete industrial system and innovation system, and promote energy saving and new energy vehicles with independent brands international advanced level.
Tradition of new energy vehicles in the car, on the basis of application of carbon fiber positive, there must be more applications, because it is in order to solve energy consumption, reduce weight, reduce charging frequency, prolong the service life of the battery has a stronger demand, especially in reducing pollution and energy consumption, this is the new energy car value and meaning from the traditional cars. In this case, the government's strict fuel-economy standards and carbon-dioxide emissions laws encourage new energy vehicles to choose carbon-fibre composite materials. The weight of the electric car than a conventional car more than 200-300 kg, in order to ensure the electric car trip range has good and affordable costs, the body weight of the electric car must lose weight more than 50%. In all lightweight materials, carbon-fibre composite materials are the only alternative to steel parts, reducing weight to 50-60% and providing the equivalent strength of advanced materials.

In addition to the exterior cover, the frame, car, interior, equipment, friction, battery box and so on are all applicable to the composite materials. Via the new material technology co., LTD in wuxi for new energy vehicles, the structure of carbon fiber carbon fiber can suction box, anticollision beam and battery box body are relatively typical applications, such as a volume of about 35 l, wall thickness of 2 mm carbon fiber battery box body, weighs 2.7 kg, compared with the traditional steel structure material of battery box can lose weight by 80%, about strength and load force to do better than the traditional sheet metal parts. A box body weight only 463 grams of carbon fiber composite materials at low speed can suction box, the whole component weight compared to the original metal materials reduced by 60% - 60%, in the face of the impact energy absorption rate is very high, even higher than other materials such as steel, aluminum, more than 4 times, high strength characteristics of carbon fiber composite materials to make the resistance and the ability to pass the impact load is very strong, therefore very suitable for use in a car crash site easily.

Electrical equipment and carbon fiber

Notification of the spirit of 2025, according to China manufacturing, new energy and renewable energy, smart grid power transmission and transformation equipment, and advanced energy storage device and the user equipment development will be actively promoted.
In terms of renewable energy equipment, wide application of carbon fiber is used as a wind power blades, in the form of its high strength, light weight, wind power is an ideal material. China's first 68-meter-long 6-megawatt blades, developed independently by the zhongfu composite group co., LTD. In lianyungang, jiangsu province, has been shipped to Europe.
In advanced energy storage devices, flywheel energy storage is a new kind of green energy storage technology, its converts electrical energy to the high speed of the flywheel, when necessary, need converted to electricity by a generator, when you don't need to do high-speed flywheel, in the process of operation and maintenance does not produce any waste chemical materials. You can discharge and discharge countless times, using very long life. The light and high-strength carbon fiber material is significant to the energy storage flywheel, and the development and utilization of carbon fiber storage and flywheel are more and more widely available at home and abroad.

In terms of the smart grid power transmission and transformation and client devices, state grid is applied to the whole country a substation inspection robot intelligent work effect is remarkable. Is independent of charging methods used by the robot, filled with a runnable 5-6 hours, every charge of devices for at least two rounds of comprehensive inspection, patrol at least 2 hours per round, as a result, the robot of the electrical energy storage should be used to detect as far as possible. In order to ensure the robot tolerated for a longer time of the high strength work, the inspection robot via the wuxi new material technology co., LTD. Production of extensible carbon fiber casing mechanical arm, the robotic arm by merely to narrow tubes seven different types of arm, wall thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 2 mm, total weight only 3 kg, greatly reduce the energy consumption when the robot inspection, so as to prolong the working time, improve the working efficiency. In addition, carbon fiber has good corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, in a larger temperature difference also can maintain a minimum creep, so the inspection robot can apply to high altitude, extreme heat, cold, wind, dust and rain sub-station under the bad environment.

Farm equipment and carbon fibre

Chinese-made 2025 strategic requirements focus on developing large grain and strategic economic crop breeding, cultivation, kind of, tube, collecting, transporting and storage etc. Mainly used in the production process of advanced agricultural machinery equipment, speed up the development of high-end agricultural equipment and key parts and components, improve agricultural machinery and equipment information collection, intelligent decision-making and accurate operation ability.
As an agricultural country, how to concentrate effectively detect crop growth condition and spraying is one of the high-end agricultural equipment is actively solve the problem, has managing pesticide usage and operation of high precision, prevention and control of the agricultural plant protection function with good effect through the way of long-distance remote control operation, help staff to avoid direct contact with the pesticide spraying, spraying to improve the security, and more accurate way to a great extent, reduce the cost of resources. Drones for agricultural monitoring will be able to master crop growth in a timely and accurate manner and provide reliable information for agricultural practices.

Carbon-fiber composite materials, such as carbon fiber paddle, carbon fiber and carbon fibre wall tube, are the main material of the unattended mechanism. Accounted for a quarter of the carbon steel material, good flexibility, high specific strength, tensile strength is 10 times more than ordinary steel, excellent creep resistance and shock resistance, good durability and corrosion resistance at the same time, the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric environment has certain weight-bearing, can effectively extend the service life of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

High performance medical devices and carbon fiber

As the focus of national economy and people's livelihood, the medical device industry has become one of the key points of China's 2025 strategy. Its stressed that must improve the innovative ability of medical equipment and the level of industrialization, focus on developing imaging equipment, medical robots and other high performance medical equipment and medical products.

With an increasing number of cancer patients worldwide, radioactive rapidly rising demand for medical devices and radioactive diagnosis and treatment of equipment with the development of technology has gradually towards the direction of the small dose of radiation and digital imaging analysis, on the use of radioactive medical equipment and auxiliary equipment, relevant accessories for X ray through the performance is good, in meet the under the premise of as much as possible to reduce the radiation harm to patients and medical staff, at the same time, these parts strength and durability to meet the requirements of equipment used in high frequency, in terms of quality, health, reliability and accuracy are required to conform to the standard parameters of high standard medical equipment. Carbon fiber composite materials have the excellent properties of meet the above requirements, therefore, carbon fiber radioactive head, bed panel, radiotherapy positioning frame, mammary gland machine support plate, DR carbon fiber medical devices and diagnostic equipment such as flat panel detector has been more and more used in clinical.